Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lonsdor K518ise Fiat 500 OBD Add Key Any Possible?

Fiat 500 can add new keys by Lonsdor K518ise???
Yes. Fiat 500 is covered.


Can you give me the programming method?
Fiat 500: Prepare dealer key. Read pincode. Programme both keys.
If you don’t know what your doing, you really shouldn’t be playing with someone’s car

There’s 2 type of remote. 8 pins or 10/16 pins .
You must open key and verify which one you take.
And yes using a right key delphi or marelli.

Fiat Bravo Immobilizer
Fiat Palio Immobilizer
Fiat Perla Immobilizer
Fiat Ottimo Smart key
Fiat Viaggio Smart key
Fiat Viaggio Fobik
Fiat Freemont Smart key
Fiat Siena Immobilizer
Fiat Ottimo Fobik
Fiat FIORINO 2008- Immobilizer
Fiat DOBLO 2000- Immobilizer
Fiat FIORINO 2014-2015 Immobilizer
Fiat IDEA 2004-2012 Immobilizer
Fiat LINEA 2004-2012 Immobilizer
Fiat PALIO 2000-2003 Immobilizer
Fiat PALIO 2004-2012 Immobilizer
Fiat PUNTO 2008-2014 Immobilizer
Fiat STILO 2002-2006 Immobilizer
Fiat 500 2007- Immobilizer
Fiat ALBEA 2002- Immobilizer
Fiat BRAVO Immobilizer
Fiat CROMA 2005-2007 Immobilizer
Fiat DOBLO 2005-2009 Immobilizer
Fiat DOBLO 2009- Immobilizer
Fiat DUCATO 2006-2012 Immobilizer
Fiat DUCATO 2012-2013 Immobilizer
Fiat FIORINO 2008- Immobilizer
Fiat SIENA 2002-2008 Immobilizer

Lonsdor K518ise full car list:
Lonsdor k518ise new cars updated on 2018:
Lonsdor k518ise user manual:

Monday, November 12, 2018

Lonsdor K518 Lost APK Failed to Update Error Solution

Tech support: Error message “Failed to update” on Lonsdor K518ise key programming tool

Lonsdor k518ISE is OUT ..Lost APK and cannot start

Error message:
Failed to update
APK version: v1.6.0
Check for updates: check the current program version, update if new
Update APK: Update APK
Force to update: it takes a long time and some risk to force updating all data. Pls use with caution
Active regularly: the device is connected with the server regularly to active
Authorization update: proceed to update authorizations
Try to update
Click on setting
Click on force to update
The latest version is 1.6.9
Wifi connected
The machine should work now
This is the new look of the latest version


Good to know about the latest Lonsdor K518 update:
1- Updates will no longer remain for free, a payable subscription fee will be implemented within the next 3 months from today, cost details not disclosed yet
2- No more vehicles brand Logos display, due to legal intellectual copyright issues

Update failed…
If the solution here doesn’t work,
uninstall APK and try “oldest APK” to install factory-reset APK.


If your issue remains,

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lonsdor K518ISE Adds Skoda Fabia 2001 Remote Key

 Make good connection
Select Immobilizer->VW->Remote->Central module (128)->Program remote




Press Start button to program remote
Enter number of remote keys to be programmed
Press the Unlock button of remote key for 2 sec, click on OK when completed
Program remote success


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Lonsdor K518ise: Possible to add new keys on Opel?

Good to know: is it possible to make a new key to Opel with a Lonsdor k518 key programmer (when there is a working key or even all keys are lost)?
The answer can be yes or no.
It depends on if you can do the selection correctly or your model is listed or not.

Here you go.

Lonsdor K518 and Opel immobilizer: No
Opel: I have tried to program Opel many times with Lonsdor and have never been successful.
Corsa c, 2005: I couldn’t read pin code
Opel agila 2001: I have never been able to make an opel. He does not read a pin
Lonsdor K518ise and Opel immobilizer: YES

Astra H 2008: Pulled pin quickly and programmed key few minutes. Select Type 3
Meriva 2010: i get pin from 2x meriva
Opel Astra 2013 with key chip PCF7941:
read Pin code reading
programmed the chip and remote control
Select from Type->Type 1->Immobilizer->Read Key Count

Note that it’s the first version. More models are updated.
Pls check the new models in the updated car list.

OPEL\Remote system\Antara: Program remote, Delete remote

OPEL\Remote system\Meriva; Program remote, Delete remote

OPEL\IMMO\Select from type\Type 6: All keys lost

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Antara: All keys lost

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Astra\Astra -J\2010-2016\Smart key:
All smart key lost, Add smart key, Read key count, Clear fault code, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Astra\Astra -J\2010-2016\Immobilizer:
All keys lost, Add new keys, Read key count, Clear fault code, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Corsa\Corsa -D\Immobilizer:
Add new keys, Delete key, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Meriva\Meriva -B\Immobilizer:
Add new keys, Delete key, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Mokka\2012 -2018\Smart Key:
All smart key lost, Add smart key, Read key count, Clear fault code, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Mokka\2012 -2018\Immobilizer:
All keys lost, Add new keys, Read key count, Clear fault code, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Omega-B\Immobilizer\Type 2(CAN):
All keys lost, Add new keys, Read key count, Clear fault code, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Omega -B\Smart key:
Add smart key, All smart key lost, Read smart key count

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Signum\2003 -2007:
Program key, Delete key, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Vivaro(4A)\2014 –:
Read PIN code, Program key, Recover backup data

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Zafira\Zafira -C\2012- 2016\Smart key:
All smart key lost, Add smart key, Read key count, Clear fault code, Read PIN code

OPEL\IMMO\Select from vehicle\Zafira\Zafira -C\2012-2016\Immobilizer:
All keys lost, Add new keys, Read key count, Clear fault code, Read PIN code

Updated on Year 2018:
Lonsdor K518 Opel Car List
SeriesOriginYearFuel TypeFunction
Read PIN codeOtherOtherOtherType 1
Immobilizer SystemSelect from typeType 1OtherSmart Key
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleInsigniaOtherSmart Key
Immobilizer SystemSelect from typeType 1OtherImmobilization
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleInsigniaOtherImmobilization
Immobilizer SystemSelect from typeType 2OtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleAgilaOtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleAstra-GOtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleCalibraOtherIMMO2IMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleComboOtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleCorsa-BOtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleCorsa-COtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleMerivaOtherIMMO2
Immobiliser SystemSelect from vehicleMovanoOtherIMMO2
Immobiliser SystemSelect from vehicleOmega-BOtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleSintraOtherIMMO2
Immobiliser SystemSelect from vehicleTigra-BOtherIMMO2
Immobiliser SystemSelect from vehicleVectra-BOtherIMMO2
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleZafira-BOtherIMMO2
Immobiliser SystemSelect from typeType 3OtherIMMO3
Select from vehicleAstra-HOtherType 3
Immobilizer SystemSelect from typeType 4OtherIMMO4
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleAgila B-2009IMMO4
Immobilizer SystemSelect from typeType 5OtherIMMO5
Immobilizer SystemSelect from vehicleAgila B2009-IMMO5
Remote control SystemAstra-HOtherOtherRemote control
Remote control SystemZafira-BOtherOtherRemote control
Remote control SystemVectra-C/SignumOtherOtherRemote control
Remote control SystemCorsa-DOtherOtherRemote control

Good to know: If you don’t have a good success on your Opel or cannot find out the corresponding model in the vehicle menu, had better try “select from type” and maybe you’ll have luck.
Example: A big success with “select from type”
Car: Opel Astra 2013
Immobilizer: select from type, type 1
Read pin codes
Program new keys
Upload images…
For detail procedure, please check here.